Know what's really going on...

"Right now, I'm into
50 Shades of Grey
more than 18 holes
of golf."

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"Martha Stewart
can suck it."

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"I don't have time
for a divorce."

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Knotice helps marketers understand and respond to what's going on, enabling a more intimate dialogue between buyer and brand.

Our unique data management platform (DMP) offers a complete and automated solution, one that includes data intake, profile-based storage, actionable analytics and digital messaging.

  • Unite customer information and activity from multiple channels and sources in real time within a single platform
  • Consolidate all your data within universal profiles, allowing you to easily define audiences, pull actionable analytics and message with enhanced relevance
  • Coordinate content across channels and touchpoints from the same dataset for increased ROI
  • Enjoy a clear, complete view of what's happening based on data, not hunches
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